This page is to help United Airlines Employees to become dues objectors . there is very little information out there on this subject but one thing is for sure. The only thing you lose by being an objector is the right to vote in IAM elections. Even this is can be allowed by the local board.

      Step one ...... Send a letter to the IAM hq in maryland. This letter should be sent registered and cc'd to the National Right to work address. Here is a sample letter to the IAM MD Office and here is a address for the nrtw.      
      Step two  .....Send a letter to local payroll and have them stop making automatic payments to the iam because when your letter comes back you will want the reduction immediately Here is a sample letter. As soon as you notice the deduction has stopped , you will need to pay the full amount until you get to step three.      
      Step Three ....In about a month you should get your package back from the Iam . The letter that shows your reductions is the important one. The rest throw in the recycle bin. Make several copies of that letter and put in a safe place. This letter is good until you get a new one in November.      
      Step Four ...Once you get your letter back , send a copy along with your check (when your next payment is due) to the local IAM office. IAH is Mail to: Israel Valdivia, Secretary Treasurer
PO BOX 34543 Houston , TX 77234-4543. After you've sent the initial letter and payment to the local office you can set it up automatically using your bank checking account. Make sure you put your employee number (both).
      Step Five ...If you have any questions please email me at LBERTONE@NEWBID.NET . Also please join one of our groups on FACEBOOK....... https://www.facebook.com/groups/146697478871659/    also when you are officially a dues objector you need to join our group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1538958539649611/  if we are not friends email me or message me on facebook. We need to stay strong together and it's free.

Plan B

Plan B ...........you can contact the site if you want to be a Religious Objector..........You actually don't have to be that religious to be one but they will ask you some questions.
For plan B go to WWW.Choosecharity.org
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