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          PIA investigates 'extra passengers' flown on fully booked plane
          Comedian gets revenge on 'horrible woman'
    AIRPORT PHOTOS        Russian airline accused of only hiring 'young and thin'
What you need to know about flying with your dog
    Budget airline Norwegian Air launches 69 flights from UK to New York, Inc.     
            Flybe pax captures hair-rasing moment pilot is forced to make emergency landing in Gla
    FLIGHT CREW                
Flight attendant charged in fake bomb threat signs plea deal        
            first beer brewed at 35,000 feet (Hanesbrands Inc.)     
            United, after years of declining revenue, hits the thrusters
    F.O.D.          Flight attendants reveal what they always notice about passengers as they board
Female assassin murdered Kim Jong-un's outcast brother
            Rules and cultural misunderstandings: Australia vs the world
            Bloco da Lama mud party, Paraty, Brazil 2017 photos        
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Muhammad Ali's Son, Ex-Wife Detained, Questioned At Airport
            How I Became An Airline Pilot | My Story In Short        
            Flight Attendant Life | Layover Adventures        

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