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          columbian aircraft said he had no fuel before crash
          Heartbreaking Video Of Chapecoense Player Discovering He Would Become A Dad
    AIRPORT PHOTOS        Grieving Brazilian town receives bodies
Serbia expects 400 mln euros from sale of its biggest airport
    plane diverted as baby born inflight, Inc.     
            Passengers flung in the air and left bleeding' as Qatar Airways jet hits severe turbulence
    FLIGHT CREW         Flight attendants demand American Airlines recall new uniforms        
drunken passenger 40 , threw punch at flight attendant        
            New airline set to fly between Perth and Bali (Hanesbrands Inc.)     
            landing gear of United Express aircraft collapses making an emergency landing in Sat
    F.O.D.          Norweigian air to order more boeing and airbus
Plane Passenger Threatens Girlfriend
            Jetstar passenger pens hilarious note to airline
            18 idyllic islands you've never heard of        
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            A Very British Airline        
            Vlogmas 2016| Flight Attendant Edition        
    TRAVEL DEALS       Woman jumps out of moving plane at Houston airport        

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