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      Richard Branson hints at starting a new US airline
          UK terror threat levels: What do they mean?
    AIRPORT PHOTOS        Experts: Traveler should have drawn scrutiny before flight
Disruptive passenger in Trump cap delays Shanghai flight
    FAA tells airlines to remove some seats from smaller planes, Inc.     
            Spirit Airlines opens $32 million hangar at Detroit airport
    FLIGHT CREW         Airlines have rules about taking photos, video on planes        
Terror on United flight as plane catches fire and passengers are forced to evacuate        
            'You're a f***ing Muslim': Woman filmed shouting racist insults (Hanesbrands Inc.)    
            Moment airline staff tell a disabled passenger with a prosthetic..............
    F.O.D.          Fighter jets scrambled after man 'rushed cockpit' on flight AA31
India's largest airline buys 50 planes to reach regions
            Ten 'awful' cities you should still visit
            TripAdvisor names the world's top landmarks for 2017        
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            why i'm NOT an airline pilot        
            How I Became An Airline Pilot        
    TRAVEL DEALS       Glamorous German air hostess shows off her VERY impressive yoga        

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